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Wedding hair in Leeds from Kirsty Kaye – shorter styles for 2018

Some of my clients in the Leeds area have always had short hair while others would much prefer a longer style for their wedding hair but don’t have the time to grow it out before the special day. I even have clients who move from long to short hoping for a more dramatic bridal hair style for that head-turning walk down the aisle. In my role as a bridal hair and makeup specialist, I understand more than most that short hair has to be on point.


If you are prospective new customer visiting the blog of my website for the first time, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kirsty Kaye, a trusted choice for wedding hair and bridal makeup services in Leeds, my home city, and the surrounding West Yorkshire area.


This page looks at ideas for the shortest, sweetest styles over the next 12 months.


Adding Volume on Top – Just because you have short hair, don’t feel obliged to tamp it down and compromise on freedom. I can do the opposite with a bridal hair style that brings strands at temple length back over your head for a much fuller and high-volume effect.


The Pin-Back – Any good bridal hair and makeup artist knows that length and texture to a short style provides greater versatility. I can produce a more traditional style for my Leeds clients, with minimal effort, by combing back straight, wavy or curly strands and using bobby pins to hold them in place; a look favoured by stars such as Emma Watson.


Gentle Spikes – If you’ve recently gone for a closer crop but want something a little softer for your wedding hair, I really can’t recommend gentle spikes highly enough. This light and fuzzy take on short strands is as delicate as it is striking, and very easy to accommodate.


Railroad Pins – Perfect for those in Leeds and West Yorkshire with a chin-length bob who want something different from the norm on their wedding day, and the use of railroad pins frames the face beautifully. A tight track around the back of the head creates visual interest and also serves a practical purpose in a bridal hair style similar to the doobie wrap.


Old School Hollywood – This style stretches my skills as a bridal hair and makeup artist but it never stops surprising my clients. I can create pin curls on surprisingly short strands of hair. Less product works best for modern wedding hair but if you really want to push the traditional Hollywood look (think of Zendaya), I use as much spray as the style needs.


Weaved Styles – Popular with anybody in the Leeds area who likes the ‘pixie’ look of straight bangs pushed to the side, but with an eye-catching plait to the rear tied into the hair with the artful placemen of pins. A true woven wonder of a wedding hair style for 2018!


Fluffed Curls – Many of my clients in the Leeds area come from different ethnic backgrounds including the Afro-Caribbean community. Closely-cropped sides help me in providing more structure for the coils. Based on the style of the current cut, I can achieve unique wedding hair by pulling it back and tying it low before slicking off any frizz with gel.


I am also a bridal hair and makeup artist for the Asian community in Leeds and Yorkshire.


Call 07545 289584 to discuss my bridal hair and makeup services. I offer a friendly, reliable wedding hair service for clients in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area.